Kyosho Javelin

I had a Kyosho Javelin when I was younger.  It was my favorite R/C car.  I got it in 1987 (or 1986??) and I would still have it today, but unfortunately I was in a position where I needed money and sold it at a swap meet, DOH!!!  Now, thanks to eBay I have another one.  It is in pretty good condition.  It has the belt-drive and gold shocks, too.  I also got a hold of a Le Mans 480Gold motor that I have not installed, yet.  The original tires are burned off, so I've got my eyes peeled for a set of those.  The only other things I need are a gold motor guard, driver figure, and original wing.  Once these things are collected, I will have my car back.  I plan on putting a modern radio and ESC in it.

The Kyosho Javelin was a spin-off from the Optima.  They are basically the same, the only differences are the roll cage body with wing and silver spoke wheels.  It was the most advanced buggy of its day.  Mine saw its fair share of modifications.  I can remember putting an extra set of shocks in the back and sailing it off a BMX tabletop.  The car took it!!  A lot of the time I ran it around my cul-de-sac, so I had foamies on it and the suspension lowered.  Sometimes I just took some Popsicle sticks, drilled holes in them, and bolted them in place of the shocks.  Hey, I'd try anything!




VIDEO (actually Optima)

Link to



Kyosho Javelin  
Kyosho Option House Gold Shocks  
Kyosho LeMans 480G 25T 0.40mm  



Scale 1/10
Overall length 15.9 in 405 mm
Overall width 9.4 in 240 mm
Overall height  5.1 in 130 mm
Wheelbase 10.6 in 268 mm
Tread 7.7 in 196 mm
Tire diameter 3.3 in 85 mm
Tire width 1.4 in 35 mm
Weight 3lb. 6oz. 1.55 kg
Gear ratio 8.28:1 & 10.35:1
Motor Kyosho LeMans 480G


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